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Telexpress Corporation is the leading e-CRM outsourcing services company in Taiwan.
We have 7 operation centers located in Taipei, Taichung, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Manila and Malaysia.

Integrating the experience in project process management, operation performance management and best service quality maintenance
provide to multinational companies and the leading brand in every industry the professional customer service, management and marketing services experience.

We encourage people who possess strong ambition, high willingness to learn and initiative to join the elite.
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Learning and Development

Telexpress offers comprehensive training courses to help employees to learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles.

Through learning and development, employees are able to understand better and gain the chance to grow with the company. Such learning also allows the employee to learn a combination of strategic development that requires by the company.
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Festival Gifts
Labor Insurance、Heath Insurance
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Company Group Insurance
Yearly Employee tour
Year End Party
Employee Social Activity (Badminton, table games, mountain climbing, camping…etc)
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Position Job Description
Customer Service Specialist • Provide refined service to leading brand in every industry through phone, instant messege, email and app platform.
• Provide solutions for technical support services or marketing services.
Operation Manager • Customer service representative management, customer relationship management, customer complaint escalation handling, monitoring each support to reach operational KPIs.
• Provide customers with the suggestion and services from their inquiries, to enhance the professional image of the company and customer satisfaction.
• Planning and improving the operation SOP in order to enhance the benefit both in internal management and effectiveness of the operation process.
• Client-renewal contract and cooperate with business department to build new project launched, to meet company's financial operations target goals.
Project Manager • Business planning and development for individual support and design of work traning, Responsible for customer relationship management, customer complaint handling and other types of project management to ensure successful completion of the campaign and operational goals.
• Renewal development new projects related to providing customer service for target business customers, collaboration of overall corporate objectives.
Business Development • The business development associate responsibilities include
Creation and building client relationships while sponsoring interaction to obtain projects. This role assists in developing and facilitating the proposal process for specific clients/sponsors including
• Budget and pricing development
proposal writing
• contract negotiations and client presentations.
Customer Relationship Management • Analysis increase customer response rates through market research and CRM, to identify the key points to achieve the best marketing brand loyalty.
• Prepared in line with the business partner and customer satisfaction goals or brand marketing strategy, marketing planning and business case, planning/writing and execution.
Data Mining Programmer • Insight into the behavior of the user, in an interactive process to fully understand the context of their actions.
• Analysis of business needs and opportunities, as the basis for the establishment of CRM model.
• Knowledgable in natural language processing (NLP) actual project experience and familiarization with the various algorithms.
• Data analysis-related projects and practical experience. Sensitive data, have a strong attention to data analization.
Service Designer • Strategy: Setting service goals, to study the status and trends of industry.
• Analysis: conduct user behavior insights, in an interactive process to fully understand the context of their actions; and to identify the failure and inadequacies of the existing service.
• Specification: screening and analysis of business needs and opportunities, as a basis for follow-up service design.
• Design: according to the result of screening and analysis, create the idea of a new service direction, performs a service function design and future use scenarios presented
• E & E: Base on the map of service design, develope and implement new services, and to verify after the execution and review services.
• The service designer by each individual work items or outputs such as: "user behavior model", "service discovery aggregate table", "Zed assessment report", "CORE analysis", "prototype characters ","service blueprint","prototype service","explore the test results","service development results", etc. as a result, in order to create a user-centered service platform and process.
System Designer • Responisble for real time and efficient service providers, research and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them. For example, no matter customers contact for support via WeChat or website online chat. You can get consistent, high-quality service all the same, that is because of our platform is fully integrated with two diverse platforms.
• In addition, For example , if we provide services is like a robot, but the robot was unable to meet customer demand. It must be seamless and quickly interfaced to live and so on. From the foregoing platform, R&D center is should be leading, innovative and versatile, and therefore the system designer can bypass the traditional R&D center instead of focusing on the times, and work closely with service designers to create a unique the innovative system platform.
R&D Engineer • Responsible for being in the front desk of the R&D center that will focus not only with web apps but with mobile devices to integrate RWD program using Android and iOS platforms.
• Knowledge in .net MVC-based, Java is part of the backend platform to suppliment the service design need for continuous development of technology.
• Our core technologies include the development of natural semantic analysis, wisdom dialogue, keyword search, asynchronous data stream, and other fields. A R&D Engineer, can be exposed to the latest technology, first-class customer service, capacity of learning the program development strength in the shortest possible time, with various tasks. research and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them. They also work to improve the performance and efficiency of existing products.
• If you want a professional career in engineering, and are good at problem-solving and generating new ideas, this job could suit you well.
Maintenance Engineer • User-related idea, as well as diverse and complex system platform, our maintenance engineers is not only to ensure the stability of the system, but with feedback coming from other users, an optimization of the proposal.
• With a lot of information in the database, can do to optimize tuning. For systems on the cloud server maintenance, we also have a Telexpress self-developed central monitoring system.
• Maintenance engineers for R & D centers, accessible to a variety of systems for the full range of maintenance engineers
Management Associate • You will have most professional training in Telexpress and allow you to shorten the trial period after graduation.
• The training courses Include customer services professional training, basic service supervisor role training, five solid management training, professional operation skill training, project management training, and the customer relationship management training.
• From basic core functions of the training, advanced five operations management experience to actual Job Rotation, the complete planning, solid training, allowing you to reduce groping period, enabling seamless integration, successful company core managers, reach your ideal target in advance (refer to the IMA program Section)
Intern • During school period, join the internship program either from school cooperation program or directly attend 32 hours per week in Telexpress.
• You can have career aptitude probing and experience social career life before graduation. Brief trial period after graduation and you can immediately adpat into social career life. (Please refer to Intern Program Section)