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  • Omi-Channel

    Consolidate omnichannel of Line, WeChat, Facebook, App and PC to amplify searching opportunities

    Optimize both online and offline recruitment process, effectiveness data tracking and management solutions

  • Precise Technique

    Dividing users systmatically, design customized user service and SOP management Apply pin point communitating model to increase sales opportunities, and provide premium customer experience to VIP users

  • System Intergration

    Secure users data completely; integrate membership and people management process. Streamline external ERP or POS system to reinforced sales quality and efficiency, and further upgrade operation and marketing networking entirely.

  • Easy Data Analysis

    Multidimention analyse for account info., transaction status and the effectiveness of omnichannel management and marketing Invest in data mining and get insight of the real-time operation status, provide customize reporting and improvement plan proposal

  • Cloud Member Center

    Design membership program, customize service process, a powerful accounts database and fluid implement module. Establish a safer and high effectiveness member management center on cloud

  • Comprehensive Consultant

    Telexpress has an abundance of online service and up-selling techniques, incorporate operation and marketing consultation, project management, and technical RD center, aim to provide clients with a comprehensive social marketing and management solutions